Eating With Grace™is a healthy, sustainable, non-diet approach to end compulsive overeating, emotional eating, binge eating, food addiction and food obsession, one day at a time. How?

  • By understanding that learning to care for ourselves is a journey, not an accomplishment
  • By learning to have a compassionate, kind, caring relationship with yourself, mind & body, heart & soul
  • By making small, doable changes in lifestyle and food choices
  • By befriending and taking care of your feelings and needs
  • By developing a support system that truly supports you

Eating With Grace™ creator, Anya Raven Hunter, MSW, LICSW offers counseling, coaching, consultation, and web-based services to women and men over 18 who struggle with these issues, and to the health care providers who serve them.

Anya also gives talks to community and healthcare organizations and to other health care providers about compulsive overeating and integrative approaches to weight issues.

Anya Raven Hunter is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Integrative, Bodymind Psychotherapist who is in long-term recovery from several addictions, including food issues. Professionally she deeply understands the addiction and recovery process, and personally she identifies with the obsession, the emotional pain, and the confusing daily struggle from the inside out.  And she practices what she teaches!