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Eating with Grace is dedicated to all Bodies. May we live in peace with ourselves, each other and our world.  


Anya Raven HunterI am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Montpelier, Vermont, specializing in working with compulsive overeating, emotional eating, binge eating, and weight loss, and the body image issues that come along with these struggles. I obtained my social work degree from the University of Vermont, and have a Masters in English from UC Berkeley. I have been in private practice offering holistic counseling and bodymind psychotherapy since 1990.

My professional training has included traditional and body centered psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, behavioral medicine, Reiki, energy healing, meditation, various bodywork modalities, and the arts. I’ve been a student and practitioner of Buddhist meditation since 1978, and a yoga practitioner since 1985. I integrate many different approaches in my healing work, and I practice what I teach.

My passion for holistic and integrative approaches to healing and wellness has spanned my career, while my areas of specialization have changed, from a focus on trauma and injury, to a focus on anxiety, stress management, and women’s issues, to my current focus on eating issues. Before returning to school in my early 40’s for the Social Work degree, I practiced as a rostered psychotherapist and bodyworker, offering integrative, bodymind approaches in work with clients’ physical, emotional and spiritual challenges.

The Eating With Grace™ program and practices came to me through my work wih people who struggle with food, weight and body image issues, as well as from my own healing from several addictions, including a serious eating disorder. The first Eating With Grace™ BASIC GROUP started Valentine’s Day, 2005; the ONGOING GROUP began a year later, as women wanted and needed to continue the work.

My practice welcomes men as well as women, and clients of all sexual preferences. 




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