Hypnosis & Guided Imagery

What Is Hypnosis?

I like to think of Hypnosis and Guided Imagery as ways to learn about and contribute to the whole landscape of YOU.  This is the holistic, integrative view: YOU are more than you think. YOU are your body – atoms, cells, fluids, bones, muscles, organs – all of it miraculously teaming in your life-in-the-body-here-and-now. YOU are your feelings – sensations, emotions – your complex emotional life. YOU are your senses – taste, touch, sensation, sight, hearing, and some would add intuition, the 6th sense.  YOU are your mind – thoughts, memories, images, analysis, creativity – and beyond that, dreams.

Talk therapy is an exploration about you and your questions using dialogue and deep listening.  Hypnosis and Guided Imagery go into your very present-time experience of sensations, images, sounds, and words. Hypnosis and Guided Imagery are therefore a wonderful way to augment and facilitate talk therapy, as well as to go BEYOND talk therapy into deeper insight and more rapid transformation. And talk therapy is a wonderful way to integrate the insights and shifts that occur in hypnosis and guided imagery.

So, how do we explore? We clarify what YOU want from the hypnosis session, what your questions are, what the desired outcome is. I guide your body and mind to become deeply relaxed, while at the same time your conscious self stays awake and aware. And from the place of deep relaxation I invite your body and mind to enter into the trance state that is just right for your work in that session.

Once you are in trance, the unconscious parts of your mind/body work with your consciousness to reach your intended goal or outcome. Before coming out of trance, we anchor the learnings and healings into all parts of your body/mind and affirm that it all comes with you, breath by breath, into the future.

“While hypnosis is often described as a sleep-like trance state, it is better expressed as a state characterized by focused attention, heightened suggestibility and vivid fantasies*” IN WHICH THE HYPNOTIZED PERSON IS IN A CREATIVE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE UNFOLDING OF WHAT HAPPENS, AND CAN HAVE AS MUCH CONTROL OF WHAT HAPPENS AS THEY NEED.

What Is Hypnosis?

To learn more about hypnosis, go to the website of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis: http://www.asch.net/Public/GeneralInfoonHypnosis/DefinitionofHypnosis/tabid/134/Default.aspx


What Is Guided Imagery?

Guided Imagery is simply a particular form of Hypnosis in which we focus more exclusively on the qualities of imagery to shift symptoms and bring healing (cooling and calming irritable bowel, or imagining tissues healing, for instance).

Here’s a fun exercise: Imagine a lemon in great detail–the smell, the color, the texture of the peel. Continue to imagine the smell of the lemon, and imagine cutting a slice. Feel the wet juice. And then see yourself squeezing some juice from the lemon and feel the juice squirting into your mouth. Many people salivate when they do this!  What a wonderful demonstration of how connected our body and mind are – and this is the power of hypnosis and guided imagery!

What Is Guided Imagery Used For?

I use Guided Imagery by itself, and at the beginning of hypnosis sessions, to guide people into deep relaxation. Relaxation itself is good news for the body and the mind—relaxation can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, help us sleep, and calm cravings! Ahhh…….

And Guided Imagery is a facet of all the Categories of Hypnosis listed below.

Guided Imagery is a powerful ally in any healing. In a deeply relaxed state, we can travel into any cell or organ or tissue in the body, and imagine healing. In fact, the body is very good at telling us just what it needs when we listen closely!

Is Guided Imagery Safe?

 Guided imagery is safe. No known risks are associated with it. Guided imagery is most effective when the person teaching it has training in guided imagery techniques—which Anya is.

For references to study articles about positive uses of guided imagery:



Categories of Hypnosis

The hypnosis I offer falls into three categories:

Hypnosis for Health & Mental Health Challenges:

  • Anxiety:
    • General Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Trichotillomania
    • Performance Anxiety, Fear Of Flying, Phobias
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Eczema & Other Skin Conditions
  • Headaches
  • Hot Flashes
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Preparation For Surgery
  • Post-Surgery Recovery & Accelerated Healing
  • Resolving Grief & Anger
  • Sleep Disturbance & Disorders
  • Stress Management
  • Stress-Related Conditions

Hypnosis for Habit Change & Maintaining Healthy Behaviors

  • Getting Ready To Change (Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, Start Exercising)
  • Making Doable Changes, One Day At A Time
  • Maintaining And Sustaining Changes
  • Learning From Slips And Relapses

Hypnosis for Performance, Wellbeing & Growth

  • Self-Discovery & Exploration
  • Career Questions
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Study, Test & Writing Success
  • Spiritual Questions

Myths About Hypnosis

Most of the myths about hypnosis come from stage, TV or movie acts in which people seem to lose control of themselves, can be hypnotized against their will, and don’t remember anything when they wake from trance. Legitimate hypnotherapy by a trained and licensed professional is always centered around the needs of the patient, and the patient him/herself is in charge. My clients are often surprised initially that they can be deep in a trance and conscious at the same time, and remember everything that happened in the hypnosis session.

How Does It Work?

You can call/email me for a 20-min FREE CONSULTATION or to schedule a first session.

In the first session, I will ask for some history and we will clarify your needs and goals for your hypnosis work. For any medical or health-related hypnosis, I will ask you to sign a release so that I can be in touch with your medical provider(s) to talk about and team with them in your care.

We’ll talk about how hypnosis works and you can ask any questions.

If there is time, we’ll do a brief guided relaxation and I’ll burn a CD for you to take home so you can practice relaxing!

In your second session, if necessary we’ll finish taking history and understanding your situation and your needs. Or, if the history is finished, we’ll embark on your first hypnosis journey, leaving time for questions and processing at the end of the sessions.

My sessions are 55 minutes, unless we have made some other arrangements.


Can I Use my Insurance?

 I am an in-network provider for most insurances, although I am an out-of-network Cigna provider. If you believe your therapy is medically necessary —

  • Call your insurance company
  • Ask if I am listed as a provider
  • Find out what your copay and deductible are for mental health services
  • Ask if mental health requires an authorization, and if so, ask for one.


Hypnosis for Performance, Wellbeing & Growth is generally NOT covered by medical insurance, and my fees are listed on the payment page (link). If we discovery that there are mental health challenges like anxiety that are part of the challenge, we may be able to switch to using your insurance.