Eating With Grace
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Counseling & consultation for adults wanting to make peace with food, weight & body image issues. Women's therapy groups.

Office in Burlington, Vermont

Web based services

Eating With Grace™

Tired of

  • starting and breaking diets?
  • eating when you are upset?
  • feeling ashamed?
  • obsessing about calories and weight?
  • feeling out of control around food?
  • hating your body?
  • hiding from life?

Willing to

  • break the cycle of shame and self-hatred?
  • stop compulsive eating, emotional eating, binge eating?
  • learn new ways to cope with stress, feelings, negative thoughts?
  • stop compulsive eating, emotional eating, binge eating?
  • start living in a new way?
  • feel really good about yourself?


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Eating With Grace™ is a non diet, healthy, and sustainable approach to end compulsive overeating, emotional eating, binge eating, food addiction and food obsession, one day at a time. How?

Eating With Grace™ creator, Anya Raven Hunter, LICSW, offers counseling, consultation, and web-based services to women and men over 18 who struggle with these issues, and runs Eating With Grace™ women’s therapy groups. Anya also gives talks to community organizations and other health care providers about compulsive overeating.

Anya Raven Hunter is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Bodymind Psychotherapist who is in long-term recovery from several addictions, including food issues. She understands the obsession, the emotional pain, and the struggle from the inside out, and practices what she teaches!


Anya offers a range of services to help individuals heal their struggles with emotional eating and body image obsession. A free 20 minute email, phone or in person consultation can help you define what you are needing. Contact her for a free consult. Anya has offices in Burlington and Montpelier Vermont, and works with clients all over the country through phone, Skype and email. She is aware of many resources locally and nationwide.


Through the Eating With Grace™ Basic and Ongoing Groups over 120 women have begun to make peace with their bodies and their eating, and most importantly, have begun to really care for themselves. Women in the groups learn principles and skills for changing their relationship with food and with their bodies, and learn to give and receive safe support. Check out current group schedules.

Contact Anya with questions, or to schedule a free 20-minute consultation:

You can learn to eat and live with grace.


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