Counseling, Coaching, & Consultation

The difference between Counseling, Coaching and Consultation has to do with focus and time commitment.

Counseling is a great way to explore issues weekly or biweekly over time, to build a longer term relationship with the therapist, to increase insight into issues and bring deeper healing and resolution.

Coaching is best for people who want to clarify a goal, define steps toward that goal, and have an advisor/cheerleader to talk to and hold them accountable.

Consultations are perfect for talking over an issue in 1-4 sessions, for getting clarity on an issue, for asking for guidance and resources.

If you don’t know what you need, just email or call. Anya offers free 20-minute consultations by phone, video or in person. She’ll consult with you about what is best for YOU.

Contact Anya for more info.

Individual Counseling

You came to the Eating with Grace website because you struggle with food and weight.

Anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, self-hatred, discouragement, despair: often you feel these things too.

And if there are other life stresses — problems at home or at work, illness, a loss, a big change — it can all feel incredibly overwhelming and impossible.

Individual counseling gives you a place to just talk about it all. Together we listen to what you say, and what you need.

I offer support, listening, and help — and new tools, fresh perspectives.

Counseling sessions are tailored to each client’s unique needs in a safe, supportive, confidential environment. Where appropriate, “talk” psychotherapy is integrated with experiential, body-mind work (for example, hypnosis, deep relaxation, mindfulness, meditation, guided interactive imagery, expressive arts). The intention is always to find out what works for YOU.

Fees. You can generally use your medical insurance to pay for counseling.


You came to the Eating with Grace website because you wanted to make changes in your eating and self-care behaviors, and maybe also to lose weight.

Coaching fits when you want help clarifying specific goals, and help defining the steps to achieve them. As your coach, Anya is your cheerleader, advisor, mirror, and guide in making positive changes in your health and self-care, changes that are unique to you and your life — not someone else’s SHOULD’S, but your CAN-DO’S!

A fundamental tool in Eating with Grace is the DOABLE — a small step that you believe you can do, given your life, your body, and your strengths and challenges.

Coaching is a great way to define and stay focused on DOABLE steps! And to think in new and empowering ways about habitual obstacles in your life!

Coaching is about bringing forward your own knowing, skills, and resources to serve you.

Prepare to be encouraged, feel better, and even have some creative fun!

Fees. Coaching is NOT covered by medical insurance, but discounts are offered if you purchase a group of sessions up front.

How does COACHING work?

1 Contact Anya for a 20-minute free consult, or to set up your initial session.

2 In our initial 1.5 hour session we determine your goals for coaching, and decide on the details of the Coaching Contract.  And we begin working together, by defining your first DOABLE STEP homework assignment.

3 Subsequent sessions are scheduled according to the Coaching Contract, usually by phone, video-conferencing or in person, for a half-hour weekly or biweekly.

4 Duration of coaching is dependent on goals and amount of support you decide you want.

5 Follow-up half-hour or one-hour sessions are available as needed.

6 Most sessions conclude with an assignment to consider between sessions.

7 We can revise and change the Coaching Contract according to your evolving needs & growth.


Often the people who love a compulsive eater or an overweight person are clueless about how to help, and may even do or say things that are the opposite of supportive.

Anya offers consultation services to individuals, as well as concerned family members, significant others, and friends of individuals suffering with food, weight, body image and recovery issues. She offers assessments as well as information about resources for information and support.

Consultations can happen confidentially over the phone, videoconferencing, or in person.

Fees. Consulting fees vary, and are sometimes covered by medical insurance.  Contact Anya for more info.

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