Web-based Counseling, Coaching, & Consultation

Thanks to the wonders of internet technology, I am able to offer counseling, coaching, and consultation through CONFIDENTIAL, HIPPA-COMPLIANT video-conferencing.

Here’s how it works:

If you are interested in online consultation, I email you a questionnaire about the issues you want to discuss, and a Consultation Agreement, which you sign and mail back to me.

Assuming the issues you want to discuss are within the scope of my practice, we then set up our first free 30-minute video session. You will receive directions in email about how to connect online at our appointment time.

In our first online session, you can experience this way of connecting, ask questions, and tell me more about your concerns for consultation. And I’ll share my sense of what we can do together, and an estimate of the number of meetings we might have.

You then decide how many sessions you want to commit to initially, we schedule those sessions, and you either pay me on Paypal or send a check before the first session.

After each video session, you have the option of completing a brief questionnaire about your experience, to give me feedback both about our work together and about the technology.

And as always, I’ll be asking for your feedback and questions during sessions too.

I’m committed to hearing what you need, and making our consultations as productive and rewarding for you as possible!


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