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Eating With Grace™ is a way to stop compulsive overeating, emotional eating, binge eating, food addiction and obsession, by making peace with your body, your hungers, and your eating. How? By learning the truth about yourself. The truth is you are not bad or a failure; you have a compulsion, an addiction even, to use food for something other than nourishment.

Recovery is an amazing journey of self-discovery. (Testimonials). One day at a time you learn about the body and healthy eating; about emotions and taking care of them in healthy ways; about negative and positive thinking; and about connecting with a basic sense of goodness and wellbeing, of love and joy.

Many doctors, therapists and nutritionists don’t really understand the complexity of compulsive overeating and weight gain. They prescribe diets, exercise, or other regimens, and shame compulsive eaters for their size and their “lack of willpower.” Everywhere in our culture, on TV, in movies, in ads, in books and magazines, “fat” is the worst thing, a sin, a crime, and magical quick fixes are sold. If it were simple, why are so many people suffering over their eating, their body, their weight, their self-esteem? 

To recover, it’s essential that you come out of hiding and begin to relate to others who understand what you are going through. Anya Raven Hunter, LICSW is in long term recovery from several addictions, including food issues. She understands the obsession, the emotional pain, and the struggle from the inside out, and practices what she teaches! In her individual counseling and her women’s groups, clients feel that they have found someone who understands. Contact Anya for a free 20 minute consult.

It’s important that you find understanding, support, and appreciation for how hard this is. It matters what you say you need, what you feel like you are able to do. Eating With Grace™ is an approach that is tailored to YOU – Your body. Your feelings. Your needs. Your real life – YOU.

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