Eating With Grace
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You can learn to love, accept, forgive and care for your body. You can learn to live one day at a time, staying connected to your own self and your truth, caring for your body and its needs and feelings, making healthy, wise choices. Living this way is a practice, a journey.  

Participating in the "Eating With Grace™" group is a transforming experience. I have never been in such an amazing group of women who share so many of my struggles. Anya's supportive leadership helps us to explore so many aspects of our lives and to support us in our positive changes. As my second group has come to a close, I can't believe the progress that I have made. I feel so much more comfortable in my body, more spiritually and emotionally connected to the world, and so grateful for the wonderful people who have shared and encouraged me to share life experiences. My relationship with food is slowly changing to a healthier one. I can only say to anyone who is willing to begin this difficult journey from obsession to health, welcome! N.M.  

This group was a great support to learn more about what motivated me to eat …. It was really about self awareness. Learning more about my relationship to food—and others’—gave me a lot of insight…. Anya is the best. She has a wonderful supportive way of helping each and every member of the group individually, along with creating and nurturing the group as a whole. She has an abundance of ideas to support the process. Taylore  

The group is a great way to get together with other women who struggle with similar weight and body image issues…. This time I really resonated with one of the readings that talks about how to eat according to your own inner wisdom and am carrying that forward. I learned a lot about myself in this group and I would highly recommend it to other women. Anya has terrific insight and a caring way about her. She's a great leader and support person for this group!! CJ  

Anya has helped me so much this past year to recognize my feelings and how to deal with them in other ways besides food. I appreciate the gentle nudges she gives me to keep me on the path of recovery. LM 

Anya is a quiet but powerful voice bringing clarity and wisdom with love and tenderness. MKB 

 You were our guide on a painful, scary journey into ourselves. You led with love and great caring…. SW

I wholeheartedly appreciate how you were willing to meet with me separately to figure out some other things that would benefit me outside the group. You really took the time to aid me in my recovery. Thank you. LT 

This “Journey” was such an empowering experience. Your guidance was immeasurable….The skills I’ve learned have been so helpful in my progress and I will keep them with me. Anonymous  

Being in the group helped me to realize that this eating disorder is bigger than me and that I need help to recover. The exercises brought insight into why I behave the way I do and what part ED has in all my thoughts and actions! Thank you for your support and education! CT, administrator, mom.

I learned so much in such a short period of time. I appreciated your gentle reminders of how to be my own nurturer and coach, and how to validate myself. JK, painter

The relaxation and breathing exercises have been enormously helpful. Your voice and demeanor are so calming. JP, therapist

For the first time I have learned how to be compassionate to myself .... how to change negative thoughts to positive ones and live without the compulsive need to use food to stuff my feelings. It has been a life-changing experience. DH, caregiver, mom

I really appreciate the insight and compassion you have for each person and their struggles. MB, daycare provider, mom

You have helped me put the puzzle together. Thank you for seeing me -- really seeing me -- and for opening the door for me to love and appreciate myself. SP, writer, mom

Group was powerful. We all wanted to change ourselves for the better, all the way from the perception of our own self-worth to the struggle to adopt healthier lifestyles for the right reasons. We shared the insight and courage to do this. We also opted to dig in a little deeper and take a little longer to figure this out. We have recognized there is no miracle diet or pill to provide a quick fix. DK, analyst, mother, writer.

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