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Eating with Grace groups inspire women to begin to take much better care of their bodies & hearts, and then, naturally, food & weight come into balance. It's a learning process, full of kindness and hope, and if you are ready to really change your relationship with food and weight, this group is for you!
About the group:
The group is open to any woman who wants to resolve issues with food, weight, and/or body image.The goal of the group is to offer women the understanding, skills, and support they need to work through the issues that underlie troubles with eating, body image, and weight. 
Please note: This is not a diet or weight loss group, even though it is likely your body will change as you eat and care for yourself differently. Obsessing about losing/gaining weight is the problem; the solution is honesty, mindfulness, genuine support, and self-care.
When and Where:
Burlington, Tuesdays, 5:30-7:00 pm, starting Tuesday, Sept. 11
14-week commitment
What to do if you are interested:
Call or e-mail Anya Hunter for an individual therapy appointment to talk about the group!
Most insurances cover/sliding scale fee.
You were our guide on a journey into ourselves, you accomplished it with love, and great skill. Thank you!
You really took the time to aid me in my recovery.
Thank you, thank you! This "journey" was such an empowering experience. Your guidance was immeasurable. 

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