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the thing that is in the way is the fear. the only thing in the way of letting go of the fear is the fear. 
you are the one who does this and you can do it.

Dzigar Kontrul Rinpoche, Buddhist teacher


Cravings are such a challenge for compulsive eaters. We want to fill the void, and push away the pain, the need. We want OUT of the feeling of the moment that we believe we can't tolerate. And so we have to eat, HAVE TO, because STUFFING fills a void, numbs pain, and pushes away fear. 


Years ago I argued with my therapist about the word "tolerate." She thought I should aim higher, transcend. I knew in my bones, the bones that held me somewhat still while the cravings fired and the impulses pulled and the mind screamed EAT, that TOLERATING was a godsend. A miracle. 


Tolerate the unmet need. Tolerate the uncomfortable feeling.  Tolerate the too big impulse, the too big emotion. Tolerate the fear. Tolerate it IN THE BODY. STAY. As opposed to EAT.


This is what we learn in Eating with Grace™ -- how to know and tolerate our feelings, and cravings. How to take care of the feelings without eating compulsively.


Then, as strength, knowledge and courage grow, as Grace operates for us, we begin to really let go of the fear, to be more and more free of fear. Even when there are cravings, even when there are things to be afraid of -- free of fear. 

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January 2013 Eating with Grace 



The group is open to any woman who wants to resolve issues with food, weight, and/or body image.The goal of the group is to offer women the understanding, skills, and support they need to work through the issues that underlie troubles with eating, body image, and weight. 


Please note: This is not a diet or weight loss group, even though it is likely your body will change as you eat and care for yourself differently. Obsessing about losing/gaining weight is the problem; the solution is honesty, mindfulness, genuine support, and self-care.


Burlington, Tuesdays, 5:30-7:00 pm, starting Tuesday, January 22, 2013. 
20-week commitment
What to do if you are interested:
Call or e-mail Anya Hunter for a FREE 20 minute consult by phone or mail an individual therapy appointment to talk about the group!




Most insurances cover/sliding scale fee.
I recently ran into an Eating with Grace Basic Group buddy and observed that this program is like a spring of healing water running deep inside at all times. It has been over a year and I still feel the benefits and inspiration that have led to other related successes. I always sing the praises for the program!

Give a long distance friend the gift of a FREE 20-minute long-distance 
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effective NOW through February 1, 2013

email anya@eatingwithgrace.com with 
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